Singer Yemi Alade had a reply for a Twitter troll who said she and other celebrities are jobless because following the Coronavirus lockdown.

The Twitter troll wrote;

Quarantine and self isolation has humbled all our celebrities. Did you also realise that you are jobless?

Yemi Alade replied;

Mehn, I’m just realising that even though I have always had a house ,I only just started to LIVE in it and call it home. I spent more time at airports and in Airplanes. Even though I truly miss spending time on stage, it feels good to be at home( in a way) and I’m thankful.

She further stated;

no vex but “truly international” artists like us are steady getting paid thousands of foreign currency in royalties monthly and quarterly . I think you are the one in need of a job .sorry there is no vacancy here sha.


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