Today a woman at her early thirties and her two little Kids got burnt beyond recognition at Alikor Housing estate Choba Uniport axis Port harcourt Rivers state Nigeria.

The woman by name Mrs Imabong from Akwa-Ibom State deals on what they called “Kpo fire” that is a kerosene and Fuel that was refined illegally, it is also simply known as Bunkering, she has been dealing on this Illegal Commodity for long, and the worst part of it is that she stores this dangerous Commodities in her Kitchen where she cooks.

This morning around 6:00am as she was preparing to make food for her children so that she can go out and hawk her ware, according to eye witness, she was trying to light her stove and the stove exploded turning the place into flame, as she tried to fight the flame alone without calling for help that was what made the incident to get worse, before neighbors could sense danger through the abnormal smoke coming out through the roof and windows it was already late, and her kids was shouting mommy mommy mommy before they died.

According to neighbors they have talked to the woman against storing such dangerous liquids inside her apartment but she won’t listen, she and her two little kids got burnt to ashes, we called the Choba police to come and take note of what happened till now we have not seen the police, it was some group of people together with the woman’s husband who hired some guys and a van to evacuate the dead bodies from the flat.

It was heartbreaking seeing people die everyday out of ignorance, it was truly a bad sight to behold.



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