Following the viral video, “mummy calm down”, a 4-year-old Nigerian boy, Oreofeoluwa Lawal-Babalola, who became famous after begging his mum to calm down, has bagged a multi-million naira endorsement deal with a real estate company in Abuja.

The young boy signed a two-year contract with the real estate company, T Pumpy Concept Limited, as its brand ambassador on Saturday, August 22 at its corporate headquarters in Abuja. 

Recall the 4-year-old Oreofeoluwa Lawal-Babalola became a social media sensation after a video of him trying to convince the mum from punishing him in a funny but dramatic way. 

According to a statement by the MD/CEO of T Pumpy Concept Limited, Mr. Akinbayo Adaralegbe, he said he was moved by the young boy’s courage and boldness during the conversation with his mum in the viral video.

He further described the boy’s action as smart, intelligent and resilient.

Mr. Akinbayo said:

“While many people only watched and laughed over the 3-minute-18-second footage I learnt a lot from it.

“He’s courageous, bold and innovative. It reminds us that as a people, no matter the situation, we should learn to CALM DOWN!
“We decided to bring him on board because of his courage, tenacity and power to negotiate, which are some of the things what T Pumpy stands for.

“On behalf of the staff and management of T Pumpy Concept Limited, I welcome Master Oreofeoluwa to this family.”

After signing the contract on behalf of the young man, his mother, Mrs. Lawal-Babalola, thanked T Pumpy for reaching out to the son.

She promised to do everything within her power to make sure the young man attains his dreams. 

When asked to comment on his new endorsement, Oreofeoluwa said: 

“Before you buy any land in Abuja, calm down and come to T Pumpy Estate, the developer that cares and your future is assured.”


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