As at yesterday, August 25, Indomie has rewarded Big Brother Naija lockdown housemates with N4million after they participated in cooking task.

They were made to cook noodles with special spices and make a cultural presentation of their prepared meals. 

The housemates were grouped into seven teams – a male and female housemate per team – and were given different special spices to make different tastes of the noodles. 

The seven teams include:

Team One:

Kiddwaya, and Wathoni 

Team Two:

Neo and Erica 

Team Three:

Lucy and Ozo 

Team Four:

Tolanibaj and Trikytee 

Team Five:

Prince, and Nengi 

Team Six:

Dorathy, and Laycon 

Team Seven:

Vee and Brighto 

During the cooking task, each pair was asked to exchange their special ingredients with partners and cook using the ingredients exchanged.

Batch by batch they entered the kitchen to make their meals. Each batch made up of two pairs of housemates had 30 minutes to make their meals and they hurried to make sure their meals were ready before the buzzer went off. 

Also, during the cultural presentation, the housemates dressed in their native attires and made their way to the arena batch by batch to present the dishes they made.

First, they had to taste each other’s meals then share their culture and the recipe for the meal. They had 5 minutes to showcase their culture then score each other on how well they thought the meals represented their culture. 

This is how the teammates scored each other: 

Team One:

Kiddwaya – scored Wathoni 7 

Wathoni – scored Kiddwaya 10 

Team Two:

Neo – scored Erica 10 

Erica – scored Neo 10 

Team Three:

Lucy – scored Ozo 10 

Ozo – scored Lucy 10 

Team Four:

Tolanibaj – scored Trickytee 9 

Trikytee – scored Tolanibaj 10 

Team Five:

Prince – scored Nengi 10 

Nengi – scored Prince 9 

Team Six:

Dorathy – scored Laycon 10 

Laycon – scored Dorathy 9 

Team Seven:

Vee – scored Bright O 7 

Brighto – scored Vee 6 

The twisted scores result in monetary prize and Biggie awarded the 14 Housemates all the cash prizes of N4 million courtesy of Indomie.

Each team got a total of N570,000 but the twist was the sharing formulae. The scores given to each partner were reversed so each housemate had the score they gave their partners while their partners had the score they gave them.

The prize money was then shared based on their respective scores. 

Kiddwaya got N235,000; Wathoni got N335,000; Erica got N285,000; Neo got N285,000; Lucy got N285,000; Ozo got N285,000; Tolanibaj got N270,000; Trikytee got N300,000; Laycon got N270,000; Dorathy got N300,000; Nengi got N270,000; Prince got N300,000; Brighto got N263,000 and Vee got N307,000.


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